Thanks to our project, MODERN METEOROLOGICAL STATIONS have been erected in every district of the province. Kuyavian and Pomeranian voivodeship has entered a new dimension in agriculture.

Thanks to the project, the Kuyavian Pomeranian Agricultural Advisory Centre in Minikowo purchased or modernized 38 stations.

Precision stations are equipped with sensors for temperature, air humidity, soil moisture and rain gauges. They also measure ground temperature, wind speed and even leaf wetness. They allow our farmers to check changes in the weather in real time, so they can increase their yields and take timely preventive action.

Data from the stations is also used, among other things, in decision-making support systems for the control of crop yield-lowering pests. Meteo station measurements enable detailed planning of agro-technical measures, especially irrigation.

Data from the stations is also an important element of crisis management in our region. The data collected by the meteorological stations is also used by crisis management, environmental protection and fire-fighting services.

Weather data from meteorological stations is available to everyone. Visit Measurements are taken and updated every 15 minutes.