Digital Guidance Platform

The digital guidance platform is available to 30 cultural institutions thanks to the project. The cultural institutions have received 59 digital guides and city field games.

The launch of a systemic solution allowing for the construction and provision of digital guiding applications (based on the so-called augmented reality) and urban games for mobile platforms – i.e. the Digital Guidance Platform enables the creation of interactive multilingual guides to museum exhibitions, towns, trails using objects digitized as part of this Project. The system, which uses modern technologies (proximity sensors, augmented reality, localization), allows the user to obtain contextual information on selected objects in the exhibition halls and in the urban space. It also enables the creation of simple field tasks and quizzes to test the knowledge gained. Interactive guides created by the Project Partners will be available on visitors’ mobile devices (and tablets equipped with the given Partner’s facility). The urban games system created as part of the module will be available for use during events such as the Festival of the Voivodeship, Museums’ Night and various tourist projects.