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Regional cultural heritage resources in digital form

20,684 regional heritage objects (258,354 scans/photographs) were digitally imaged on equipment received by the project partners. External entities have provided approximately 80,000 digital objects of regional heritage belonging to 37.

Digitalization facilities

The project created 36 digitization labs equipped with 160 specialized sets, such as specialized and large-format scanners with control computers and necessary equipment (31 sets), specialized photography sets consisting of.

“Virtual museum” and associated systems (integrated reservation and ticketing systems)

“Virtual museum” is a mechanism for the presentation of digitized national and regional heritage resources. “Virtual museum” is planned as a platform presenting digitized resources in an attractive and easily.

Digital Guidance Platform

The digital guidance platform is available to 30 cultural institutions thanks to the project. The cultural institutions have received 59 digital guides and city field games. The launch of a systemic.

Electronic Poster System – Digital Signage

As part of the project, the Electronic Poster System, initiated as part of the ROP 2007-2013, was expanded in both functional and quantitative terms to enable the promotion of the.