Geoportal – they already know it! Well-known musician Sławek Wierzcholski, Olympic rower Sławek Kruszkowski about GEOPORTAL – watch the film!

The Kuyavian and Pomeranian GEOPORTAL is Kuyavia and Pomerania in the form of extensive maps with the largest database of information about the region.

On GEOPORTAL you will find:

  • Land and Building Register (including soil classification, ownership structure, land use, function of buildings)
  • Register of Places, Streets and Addresses
  • Register of protection zones for water intakes
  • Register of local spatial development plans
  • Register of land development conditions and directions
  • Register of municipal and county roads (and bridges)
  • Road numbering
  • Register of educational establishments
  • Register of protected areas
  • Register of historical monuments
  • Register of public purpose investment location decisions
  • Register of building decisions
  • Register of construction logs