As part of the project, a REGIONAL REPOISORY OF ELECTRONIC MEDICAL DATA (RREDM) was created, with ELECTRONIC MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION (EMD) as the key element on which its main functionalities are based.

Electronic Medical Records system provides patients with access to their medical data via a user account. It provides doctors with the opportunity to create, share and exchange medical documents in electronic form. The system thus created allows for the collection, processing, storage and sharing of descriptive medical data, i.e. referrals, prescriptions, certificates, judgements and medical opinions, information sheets from hospital treatment, medical order forms, as well as DICOM imaging medical data, i.e. X-ray, ultrasound, CT, CAT scan, RM, MRI, nuclear medicine.

Standardization at the regional level will ensure the interoperability of hospital systems with regional and central systems, the reliability of data on medical events and ensure efficient access to medical data. At the same time, it will fulfill the statutory requirements for collecting, processing and sharing medical records.